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Meet my friends Brian and Shreya

If you're wondering how my book came to life, here's the story of how it happened, told by my friend Brian Farrelly:
Shreya Barua
It’s a great thrill to present our second book ‘Frankie Gets in Trouble’. It’s been a big team effort and we’re delighted to tell the story of Frankie’s continuing adventures. We were delighted with your feedback to the first book ‘Frankie the Fly’ and we think you’ll love this follow-up.

Once again we are proud to be raising funds for LauraLynn, Ireland’s Children’s Hospice, and also supporting the Courtney Quin Memorial Bursary (details below). Your generous support is greatly appreciated.

Frankie the Fly had started life as the subject of the tales I would tell to my children when they were young. A creative and resourceful fly, finding different ways of travelling from place to place. His affinity was to children who were more amenable to his tales. 

This second book ‘Frankie Gets In Trouble’ brings a great team together again. We have added the very talented Shreya Barua who has collaborated on the storyline and development of characters. The wonderfully talented Kevin T Quin has again produced amazing illustrations, and Frank Quinn has provided us with a beautiful layout. Fergal Ringrose adding his editing finesse.

We hope that Frankie will provoke a curiosity in a child reader and can also be enjoyed by an adult. 

Our charity support

Frankie Gets in Trouble is published in support of two extremely worthy causes. For any business which makes a donation directly to LauraLynn we will gift an equivalent quantity of free books to you for friends, family, employees, customers. 

To arrange a corporate donation and distribution of books please visit our LauraLynn fundraising page or contact Brian Farrelly directly:
Ph: +353 (0)86 8186355
E: bfarrelly69@gmail.com
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Frankie Gets in Trouble
Frankie Gets in Trouble
by Brian Farrelly
and Shreya Barua

Illustrations by
Kevin T. Quin.

Edited by
Fergal Ringrose

Designed by
Frank Quinn

Frankie the Fly
first published
in Ireland in 2021.

Frankie Gets in Trouble is in support of Laura Lynn and the Courtney Quin Memorial Bursary. Details >
Frankie Gets in Trouble © 2022 - all rights reserved.